Joining the Network

The Paul Ehrlich Med Chem Euro PhD Network is open to all European institutions with a Ph D program in Medicinal Chemistry or related areas. Every institution would have a link with the Network through a local coordinator, who will help to integrate other staff and PhD students in the Network activities.

The institutions wishing to join the Network should send a Letter of intent for participation in the Paul Ehrlich MedChem Euro-PhD Network to the Network coordinator ( The letter should be signed by the local coordinator and by a representative of the institution which is wishing to join the Network. Approval of a new Network member institution will be discussed at the following Board meeting. After approval by the Network Board, the Accession letter (a template will be provided) should be signed by the rector of the joining university and sent to the Network coordinator. The institution will become a member of the Network with the date of receipt of the accession letter by the Network coordinator.

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