Message of the Coordinator

In the last P Ehrlich MedChem Euro-PhD Network Meeting in Krakow, I was elected as coordinator of the Network for the period 1st Jan 2016-31th Dec 2019. I hope to be able, with the help of all members, to work for the organisation in a way as successful as Danijel Kilkeji has done in the last period.

The Paul Ehrlich MedChem Euro-PhD Network was established in Palermo (Italy) in November 2009 as a collaborative platform of an initial group of 25 European universities, to promote cooperation between the member institutions in order to deepen contacts and exchanges between scientists and improve the background received by our PhD students in Medicinal Chemistry, thus promoting excellence of our PhD programs. From the initial group of institutions, in 2015 the numbers have reached 43 universities from 16 countries (See Network).

Network membership is open, in principle, to all European Union universities, provided they sign the Letter of intent for participation (See Joining the Network) and accept the Rules and Conditions for awarding the Paul Ehrlich MedChem Euro-PhD Label to Doctors in Medicinal Chemistry (See Activities). Industrial partners and non-EU academic institutions can be accepted as associate members.

Medicinal Chemistry is today a broad discipline resting at the intersection of mainly organic and computing chemistry, biotechnology, biochemistry, and pharmacology, and focuses on the design, synthesis and development of improved active pharmaceutical ingredients (API). And such a complicated field requires more and more a collaborative approach. Thus, the P Ehrlich Network tries through its activities, as the meetings or the PhD certificate, to overpass national frontiers through collaboration between our universities and staff within the EU territory.

As a Network coordinator in charge from 1st January 2016, I hope to coordinate all of our efforts to improve the efficacy and visibility of the network, with the ultimate objective to improve Medicinal Chemistry in our area of influence.



 Julio Alvarez-Builla

Network Coordinator